About Bagel the Beagle

Bagel is a true rescue dog. She was brought to the Northeast Animal Shelter in 2010 from Indiana. She was found on the streets there and captured, sent to a "kill" shelter in Indiana where some people from NEAS saw her and had her sent to their Shelter. We were suffering a broken heart from the loss of our dog, Wags, who was also a NEAS dog. Wags was with us for 13 ½ years and we were heartbroken when he went over the rainbow bridge. Bagel saw us and decided we were "her people" and we have had many escapades with her over the last 12 years. At the shelter they told us that Bagel was "about" 2, that makes her about 14 at this time.

During the "Pandemic of 2020" we needed something to keep us occupied so that we did not lose our minds. We turned to writing and illustrating a children's book for our granddaughter. She loves Bagel and has had many great times with her. When the book was done, we thought it was good enough for other children, so we self-published it through KDP and Amazon. There are links to them below.

These books will be, eventually, a 6 book series. The first book, Adventures of Bagel the Beagle, Bagel Meets New Family & Friends is out now in both English and Spanish versions.

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